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Implement the Most Advanced Security Solution Available

•Complete 24/7 Live and Recording View

•Email and Mobile App Alerts

•Event Responsive Audio and Lights

•Quick Deploy Time


Perimeter Protection



PTZ cameras (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) pack a punch when it comes to surveillance and monitoring. With the ability to move to points of interest and be remote controlled, they help ensure you never miss important events around your secured location.


Fisheye cameras offer a unique “super wide-angle” view, packing major benefits. Fisheye cameras eliminate blind spots, ideal for monitoring large areas like stores, parking lots, etc., making it easier to identify suspicious activity or track movement.

Horn Speaker

Horn speakers boast some unique advantages. Horn speakers excel at directing sound over long distances, making them ideal for large outdoor areas, Their focused projection ensures your message reaches everyone clearly.

Increased Protection

Perimeter Protection

Protect the perimiter of your property using advanced analytics to detect when someone enteres an area they’re not meant to be in, day or night.

Live Monitoring 

Don’t Miss a Moment

If the advanced security of the trailer alone isn’t enough, rest easier and combine it with our 24/7 live monitoring service to ensure complete protection.



Want more detection? We have the ability to customize to your direct needs, be it a thermal camera for better dark environment detection, or license plate readers to scan and document the vehicles that have entered or gone near your protected area. 

Extra Protection

Want more coverage? Getting extra cameras installed on your building(s) is a great option we offer to help increase your site security to make sure that you don’t miss a single thing!

Who is MSI Security?


MSI Security is a seasoned and trusted security solutions provider, proudly serving Kern County, California, for the past fifteen years. With a decade of unwavering commitment to safeguarding our community, MSI Security has become a household name synonymous with reliability and excellence in the security industry.

Our roots in Kern County run deep, allowing us to intimately understand the unique security needs of our local residents and businesses. Over the years, we’ve evolved and expanded our offerings, becoming a comprehensive source for security installations, surveillance, alarm systems, and more.

At MSI Security, our enduring mission is to provide cutting-edge security solutions that empower our clients to live and work worry-free in the beautiful Kern County community we call home.

Quality Security Systems Solutions


We redefine security with our unparalleled quality security systems solutions. Our commitment to excellence ensures you receive nothing but the best in protection, from cutting-edge technology to expert installations. With our solutions, your safety is fortified, and your peace of mind is guaranteed. Discover the difference of quality – choose us for security that stands the test of time.

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Your complete satisfaction is our goal and promise. Whatever security problem you have, we will provide quality service. From home to commercial, we care about your peace of mind.